Surprise surprise: Day 8 of Blogtober

As yesterday’s post said, I’m going to tell you all about my day – it was ridiculously busy but so much fun!

My sister’s birthday was on Wednesday. I wanted to come home and surprise her this weekend. Then I thought, why not involve more people in the surprise? So my plan came together, I got in touch with friends and family and we booked ourselves a table for dinner on Friday night. 

I work about 140 miles away from where my sister lives, so I knew it was going to be a trek. I jumped in my car hoping for a 2.5 hour drive, and what I got instead was 3.5 hours and about 15 minutes of driving around looking for a parking spot. The good thing about the drive was that I had loads of time to listen to Feeder’s new album – it did not disappoint! Get on it guys! 

Thankfully I arrived in time to get to the restaurant, sneak my homemade brownie to the waiters and decorate the table.

Waiting for her to turn up felt ridiculously long, we were so excited and when she finally arrived, she was genuinely surprised, success!

With six of us children, it can be so hard to get all of us in one place. Last night was the first time in so long, which made the night even better. 

I didn’t get home until midnight, hence the late post yesterday (early this morning!), but it was a fantastic night.

Now for the rest of the weekend with my family! 

Lilly x 

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