BBC’s ‘Our Girl’ Review: Day 6 of Blogtober

Somehow I completely missed out on the first series of Our Girl, but after watching the second series I want to go back and watch it. 

Considering how short it is (5 episodes) I’m so impressed with how much emotion they’ve packed into it. But it isn’t insincere at all, it feels real. 

Our Girl is about a woman who is a medic in the British Army, she goes on a humanitarian mission and ends up getting kidnapped by extremists. It’s emotional and it’s raw but I think it’s worth watching. 

I read an interesting article this morning saying that a lot of people had slammed it because of the way it had ended, I was completely shocked as I felt the ending was good, it just felt right. The article also said that Michelle Keegan has signed for the third series, so I think that’ll be really good. I’m definitely gonna see if I can dig out the first series too, Lacey Turner is a great actress! 

I completely recommend it – don’t listen to the bad reviews! You can catch it on iPlayer now. 

Lilly x 

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