50 things I love: Blogtober Day 7

*ok, so I know it’s technically day eight now, but it’s been a busy day. You’ll hear all about it in the post for day eight of Blogtober!*

This week hasn’t been easy. It began with me limping around on my poorly foot, continued with a heavy workload and peaked yesterday with some unexpected conversations. Nevertheless, it’s weekend time, so let’s not dwell on the negatives. 

Today’s post, Day 7 of Blogtober, is all about things that I love. Some are small, some are huge – but they all give me that warm and fuzzy feeling that only comes with sincere happiness. 

  1. Dogs. Puppies. They’re loyal, they’re adorable, they’re warm and cuddly. It’s all I could possibly need. 
  2. Cuddling up on the sofa with a blanket, chocolate and Netflix. 
  3. A home-cooked meal – completely from scratch. 
  4. Bubble baths – the more Lush products, the better. 
  5. Post exercise euphoria. 
  6. When HTML behaves (this week, it has not!)
  7. Baking. 
  8. Giant woolly jumpers. 
  9. Everything chocolate scented. 
  10. Sunday mornings cuddling in bed. 
  11. SPA DAYS. 
  12. Unexpected gifts.
  13. Living with my best friend. 
  14. Immersing myself in a good book. 
  15. Surprising people. 
  16. Laughing so much it hurts.
  17. Fresh bed sheets.
  18. Maple Pecan Slices.
  19. Pay day. 
  20. The F.R.I.E.N.D.S box set. 
  21. Getting into bed after a long day. 
  22. Painting my nails.
  23. Hot tubs. 
  24. Shopping sprees with friends. 
  25. Taking pictures of arty stuff (not that I’m very good at it)
  26. Writing.
  27. The smell (and taste) of fresh bread. 
  28. Driving. 
  29. Scrap booking. 
  30. Going out for dinner. 
  31. Christmas decorations in the street (love some good lighting).
  32. Concerts.
  33. Long hugs.
  34. Compliments (I love attention, obviously).
  35. Going to the theatre. 
  36. Spending time with family. 
  37. Prosecco.
  38. Online shopping – bad habit but so much fun. 
  39. Taking selfies. I have no shame. 
  40. Hand cream. 
  41. Honest people. 
  42. Dog videos. 
  43. My headphones – such good sound quality. 
  44. Memory foam mattress. 
  45. Waking up, checking the time and seeing you’ve got loads more time to sleep.
  46. Even better, not setting an alarm. 
  47. Marketing. 
  48. My Doc Martens. 
  49. Curling my hair, when I make the effort!
  50. Christmas movies. 

What would you put on your list?
Lilly x 

7 Replies to “50 things I love: Blogtober Day 7”

  1. I think we’re going to get on well haha my list would be pretty similar to yours! My dogs expecting puppies next week/weekend πŸ˜€ and I think we’ll have to go to the lush store when we’re in London… I’ve never had a bath bomb from there but really want to try one! Xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. What!!! Yes we totally are going to a Lush store! I’m going to stay at my friends overnight so I’m not in a huge rush for time, will let you know when I’ve booked my tickets what time I’ll be there πŸ™‚ also, soooo jealous I want a dog 😭 xx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Technically, I’d say the 1st of December – but realistically, I’m gonna probably end up watching Elf at the end of November! πŸ˜‰

        Liked by 1 person

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