Pretty Little Liars Review: Blogtober Day 3

Today’s post marks the moment that I finally finished watching the entire of Pretty Little Liars on Netflix. It’s been a rocky ride, but I thought I’d give it a review ahead of the final ten episodes next year. 

When I first began watching, my little sister was on Season 7. She kept telling me I could skip forward and still understand the story line, but I decided to commit to it from the beginning. 

To watch this show, you need to accept that the acting isn’t brilliant. I know it sounds stupid, and you might question why I’d watch it if I didn’t think the acting was very good, but it does get better over the course of 7 seasons! And I’m so intrigued by mysteries that I had to know who A was, and I couldn’t stop watching until I found out. 

For those who don’t know the show, it’s about a group of four girls whose friend is missing. Very early on in the series, their friend’s body is found – and the girls start receiving threatening texts from ‘A’.

I won’t spoil it for all of those people who haven’t had a chance to watch, but I do recommend having a go. If you’re into tv that requires little brain work (basically, mindless), but also encourages some thinking if you really want to, then I’d say that this is probably a suitable show for you. If you can accept some dodgy acting! 

I don’t regret watching the entire 7 seasons over the past few months, but I’m also looking forward to something new – time to watch Gilmore Girls! 

Please recommend your favourite shows to add to my list! 

Lilly x

2 Replies to “Pretty Little Liars Review: Blogtober Day 3”

  1. I got to season 5 and have slowly drifted away from it!! Hoping to pick up on it again soon because it was pretty good, and I never found out who A was. It’s just a super long series to watch!


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