Embracing Autumn: Day 2 of Blogtober

When I woke up this morning, I was planning on having a lazy day. It took me a few moments to remember that I had promised myself I would try to do some exercise every day this month, along with the blog. With a whole lot of willpower, I got into my (bright pink) running gear and left the house.

This smile was alllllll fake

Despite a good start, my lack of fitness prevailed pretty early on, and my run became a long walk. I persisted though, and ended up logging 50 active minutes on my Fitbit. As I wandered through the paths surrounding my house I actually came across a lake! Not sure how I’d missed it before, but it was really pretty. Unfortunately I didn’t have anything to snap a picture with, so I promised myself I’d return after a hot bath.

All baths need bubbles and bombs!

One super relaxed bath, a round of washing up and 10 minutes of hanging washing on the line later, I decided to whip up some lunch, with leftovers for work tomorrow. I chose to make pasta with basically everything that I could find in my fridge, it turned out to be pretty nice! I also started feeling a twinge in my foot, which has turned out to be an injury from my run – good work Lilly!


Then, I went outside to ’embrace autumn’, which basically meant ‘walk to the lake and take artsy pictures and enjoy Autumnal weather’…

I couldn’t have such a productive Sunday stop here, so I decided to use up some more leftovers, and make some blueberry muffins for breakfast this week. I used this recipe, and they turned out amazingly!

Ok, so one of them didn’t want to stay within the muffin case…

Finally, I did some of that bullet journal work I’d promised myself. It was a lot of fun, I got my hands covered in pen somehow, but I’ve got the next two weeks all jotted down, so it should increase my productivity even more!

ALWAYS practise on paper first…


So now, I’m in bed resting my poorly foot, praying that I will be able to drive tomorrow morning! At least it’s been a productive day – and I’m proud of myself for embracing Autumn!

Until tomorrow,

Lilly x

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