Why I love BorrowMyDoggy

With the past week marking a year since my beloved childhood dog passed, I feel that it’s only right that I make this post about how wonderful dogs are. What better way to do that than talk about BorrowMyDoggy?

If you haven’t heard about it already, BorrowMyDoggy is a site that allows you to connect with dog owners in your area and arrange walking and sitting. You pay a small fee for a year of membership, and while you don’t get paid to walk dogs, you get to spend your free time with them. I think it’s worth it!

I’d been told to join the website for a good few months (if not longer) before I actually signed up. I really wish I had done so sooner! The process is really simple, you just sign up for a free account, to become a verified user you pay the subscription fee (you can choose to have it auto-renew each year or turn that feature off) and prove your identity. Then you can start contacting owners!

It wasn’t long before I was in touch with an owner of a black Labrador named Dizzy. I was so keen, especially as my childhood dog was a black lab, so it felt like a perfect match. Upon meeting him, that feeling was confirmed. He’s absolutely gorgeous, well-trained and really good at playing fetch. I try to walk him at least once a week, and even then I start getting withdrawal symptoms! He’s always so excited to see me and always stares at me when I leave, which makes it incredibly difficult to walk away, but I look forward to the next time even more! He’s pretty clever, and soon cottoned on that if he went too far, I’d call him back with a treat. I had to stop doing that, but every time I call him back he definitely expects a treat! I give him a little cuddle instead, which (thankfully) he doesn’t mind. Here are some of my favourite snaps.

After success walking Dizzy, I decided to go back onto BorrowMyDoggy and find more dogs to make friends with. I came across a gorgeous Cockapoo named Bella and instantly knew I wanted to meet her. I went to meet her owners and I was barely in the door before I was greeted with cuddles. Apparently it was the first time she’d ever sat on a stranger’s lap – clearly I’m a dog person! She’d just been groomed, too, so she was super soft (she’s actually super soft all the time). Bella can really pull off the cute puppy pose, and flits from energetic to lazy really quickly (just like me), so she’s a perfect fit. For such a small dog, she’s really strong, she basically walked me. She’s also pretty camera shy, but I did manage to get a couple of pictures (amazing what you can do when there is a treat in your hand!). Bella is also loyal – to the point where I went to the loo and when I came out, she was sat waiting for me.

I’m sure there will be more dogs, but even if there weren’t, between Dizzy and Bella I’ve got my money’s worth already. Walking is the highlight of my week and it’s been such a fantastic way to get to know and experience dogs whilst I can’t have one of my own right now. I completely recommend BorrowMyDoggy to everyone who wants to get some dog play-time in – and it’s also pretty good exercise if they’re as energetic as Bella and Dizzy are!

Lilly x

6 Replies to “Why I love BorrowMyDoggy”

  1. I heard she jumped straight on your lap the second time you met Bella too! Great to see her warm to someone so quickly, you have a friend for life there 🙂

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  2. We’ve been borrowing Frankie the boxer through borrowmydoggy for about a year and a half, since he was only seven months old. He’s like my little best friend (who also waits at the toilet door for me ha). So many people that I’ve spoken to have thought I’m mad for walking him and looking after him for nothing, but he really is the highlight of my week ☺️ your little friends are adorable by the way 😍

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